Scary Movies vs Science Fiction

I just absolutely love all scary movies and everything about them just give me joy. I way they are killed , the killers , the victims , everything is just so enjoyable. This may make me sound kind of crazy , but it is so fun. There are some cons though. I must ask why on earth in every scary movie the victim falls. How can you be running from the killer and fall ? I mean it always makes me wonder do they really want to die. The movies I can not stand are science fiction movies. Star Wars , Star Trek , and all of the other things like that are stupid. Someone had to be on drugs when they thought of that. Everyone is able to talk even the alien , but not Chubaka. Is he supposed to be the pet or something because he makes weird noises and stuff but does not talk ? I just do not like those movies anyway. I have never sat down and watched the actual movies , but the cover looks dumb. Also , every movie that comes on to Sci-Fi is just stupid. I sit at home and watch my dad look at them and can only help but say nerd.


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